Products & Prices

60 day money back guarantee on all PIV systems installed.

In the extremely unlikely event the system doesn’t significantly improve your home we will remove the unit and refund your money.

After a full survey any extra ventilation work, perhaps additional kitchen and bathroom extraction will be identified as necessary.

All our systems come with a 5 year guarantee (one year parts & labour plus four years parts)
Our qualified electrician will issue a minor works electrical certificate. This is included in the installation price.

Features & Benefits

6 speeds to choose from

MV heat recovery system

A proven low-energy and highly efficient ventilation method, MVHR is fast becoming the most common method of whole home ventilation for new build properties. MVHR systems work by combining supply and extract in one unit. Moisture-laden, stale air is extracted from ‘wet’ areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms. The heat from this stale air is recovered via a heat exchanger, and this tempered air delivered into the living areas of the home. It can be installed in all new build properties with up to seven wet areas.

How it works

Features and benefits



Full design and solution package available free of charge.

Extractor fans

We have a Wide Range of Options  for all applications including bathroom, en-suite, kitchen and utility areas, available in 230V or 12V with a choice of controls.